Message from Group Managing Director

The key to transforming lives is through education as this is the only means to have individual who are open to be change makers around the globe. The journey to the formulation of Nirwana Group of college began when I first shared with co-founder, Mr.Segaran the idea of training students to meet the requirements of the industry since we both saw the struggles trainees were encountering especially in the law firms.  The group has expanded tremendously through the hard work and dedication of all the members  both academically and administratively, to place us as one of the  top  rated  education groups in Malaysia,    through our distinctive university   college,   the   International University College of Arts and Science (IUCAS). IUCAS embarked into the diversified fields of both arts and science programmes carefully examining the quality of education to be delivered to all our students in order to produce the right skills that meets the needs of the industries around the globe. With   the existing pioneer team combined with the new generation of energy and   brains, a reshaped organization was formed to cater to the evolving nature of education waves. This has proven to bear fruits. I am convinced that it was the right way to go administratively and creatively for the future of IUCAS and its sister colleges in a rapidly changing educational environment.

We have demonstrated the capacity to engage in major structural   reforms   to   achieve efficiency and to serve our students and in the industry in the best possible way. I can now safely   say that one of our greatest strengths is our international affiliations and links  with universities and educational institutions around the globe, using the latest technology available both via on-campus and online interactive systems. Through our international links students are able to complete their programmes in various countries and hence be able to acquire knowledge and skills that a nation will benefit from. With the competitive advantages of the group’s global spread, we are clearly well placed to enhance our services around the globe, working on various business models. Vigorous initiatives are now being undertaken and emphasized in the areas of Research & Development (R&D) in line with the vision and mission set by IUCAS. In near future, a full-fledged R&D department will be in full operational mode, catering to the latest needs in the industry.