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Announcement for students to graduate SPM & STPM to continue their higher studies through the “Malaysian Vision Study Aid Scheme Scholarship”

✔ Pre-University, Diploma & Degree course in recognize mqa, ministry of higher education & Public Service Department (Jpa) equal to the qualification of public university.

✔ Medical course (Pre University) Medical, dental, pharmacy, science veterinary, engineering, law, management, information technology, nursing, medical science, paramedics, physiotherapy, OSHA, hospitality, Accounting & over 1000 other courses.

✔ Public University Cooperation Program & additional certification from public university.

✔ Industry Training / practical exposure regarding course learned during studies

✔ Scholarships for studies / government loan scheme for study costs

✔ FREE sponsored dorm services, transportation, uniform, insurance, practical training cost & Public University additional certification cost for free for the whole learning cost.

✔ Monthly Allowance is also prepared through student assistance unit.

✔ Job Warranty / Career & academic route for high studies of graduates after graduation through international class industry friends & friends.

Ask now by sailing
or call 0320265700 or whatsApp to + 6011-61789394, so much, thank you.

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