Students have a wide range of financial partners to choose from to help cater their financial needs. The student counsellors work round the clock to ensure that the student’s issues are dealt with the utmost priority to ensure a smooth start for the student. Facilities such as Mara Loan and Aeon Credit Service are among the highest contributors towards the educational sector to help students and parents meet the financial obligations to pursue the intended course of study.
This sponsorship has been introduced by Nirwana Education Group to fulfil the emerging needs of the society, to produce and enhance education at all levels. This initiative allows the student to enjoy low-tuition fee, partial fee payments for their tenure at the institution be it their certificate, diploma, degree or foundation we have got it all covered for the students.
Nirwana assists its students in securing a PTPTN grant for the course of their study, this education financing will enable students to finance fully or partially the course fees and their cost of living for the duration of their study. Thus providing more opportunities for students to pursue study at the tertiary level.