• Lectures: 14
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Program Description

I.T is a driving factor in the process of globalization. The advances in computer hardware, software and telecommunications has an impact in all sectors of the economy.

This programme aims to cater the needs of the market, it’s an industry driven course which provides foundation for both training, leading to employment or simply further studies. Students develop a range of practical skills in information technology, server administration, technical and system maintenance allowing them to flourish in which-ever sector they choose.

Diploma in Information technology is a diverse course with modules ranging from core computing to system development, and E-Commerce sector. These modules formulate the student as an overall IT candidate with vast knowledge about all sectors of Information Technology.

This qualification is suitable for learners who wish to progress directly into employment in ICT and for those who wish to gain more understanding of the applications of ICT as a basis for other jobs.

  • Module Layout 0/3

  • Intakes 0/1

  • Duration 0/1

  • Level 0/1

  • Specialization 0/1

  • Entry Requirements 0/1

  • MQA Code/Accreditation 0/1

  • Scholarships 0/1

  • Assessment Style 0/1

  • Career Opportunities’ 0/0

    Diploma in Information Technology prepares the candidate with an in-depth knowledge about the information technology which enables the candidate to stand out among-st the competitors due to vast knowledge, from designing a website to mere software development and consumer support and service. Diploma in Information Technology serves as a pathway to several degree programs.

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  • Awarding Bodies 0/2

  • KPT Code 0/1

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