• Lectures: 15
  • Duration: 10 weeks


Program Description

Diploma in Business management enables the student to choose a career and academic pathway in the lucrative business industry. Our program empowers the students to attain the necessary skill and attitude to be successful business administrator. Throughout the course of studies students are exposed to practical work and modules thus developing them as successful individuals with high value with hands-on-experience.

Management skills is an integral part for continued business growth it must be well managed. The business management programme is a comprehensive and detailed programme which empowers students to attain the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude in both business and non-business organizations. The three year program enables student to learn key concepts, management procedures and apply the skills in fields such as business, management, accountancy or IT.

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    Business Management involves running a company, you will need to manage a variety of areas of the company, such as marketing, sales and finance. You can go into any company's junior level executives after completion of the program.

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    The Diploma serves as a pathway for the candidates to indulge themselves into the practical world the diploma prepares the student to be business oriented. Such as:

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