• Lectures: 11
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Program Description

This Certificate is normally required in order to work in Information Technology industry. The course is comprehensive and provides an in-depth view of business and I.T which is applicable in a commercial context. The programme features a mix of theory and a strong focus on the practical application which will be completed within 18 months. Holders of the certificate will be able to demonstrate intellectual and technical skills to solve business, management and I.T in the business world.

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  • Scholarships 0/1

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  • Job Description 0/0

    The job requires both technical expertise and salesmanship who helps to bring in new business for his employer. The necessary information technology and computing skills will be useful for solving business problems.

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  • Career Opportunities’ 0/0

    There has been an increase in IT opportunities in Malaysia more and more organizations are employing Business Information Technologist who are professionals in analysing the trends and developing stategies that are beneficial to the organizations. There is often job progression in the industry and it allows job mobility where IT professionals move freely across organizations gaining valuable skills and experience.

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