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Certificate In English Language

Communication is the essence of human life and learning

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Pursuing this program enables the student to attain a competency certificate from UMCCed





18 Months


January, March, June and August


Minimum 1 Credit (SPM) or (SPMV) with a pass in Bahasa English


Certificate in English language prepares the student for fluent and hassle free communication both verbally, and written. The curriculum is the basic tertiary level and gradually student advances his levels to the professional modules in order to have a better grasp of the English Language.

This qualification is suitable for learners who wish to enhance their linguistic skills as well as to enable them, a recognized qualification against their learning.


English is a dominant business language, to compete with the global community one should realize the importance of English language. If you need to enhance or expand your English for any reasons, be it for academic, personal or social then pursing a Certificate in English Language is ideal. There are various levels of instructions, from beginning to advanced. Classes have an average of 10 students. The qualification is suitable for learners who wish to enhance their linguistic skills.


Basic tertiary level for student to advance his levels to the professional modules.

Offered By:

Aseana CollegeNightingle CollegeWindfield College
  • KPM Code
    N/224/3/0009 - Aseana International College
  • KPT Code
    R2/224/3/0046 - Aseana International College
  • MQA Code
    A9519 - Windfield International College
    MQA/PA 0942 - Aseana International College