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Diploma In Healthcare Management

Management is a practice where art, science, and craft meet

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Pursuing this program enables the student to attain a competency certificate from UMCCed





36 Months


February, May, Aug, and Nov


5 Credit in SPM / O’Levels or Equivalent (*Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, One Science Subject & any other one subject)


Diploma In Healthcare Management is for candidates that have a thirst for knowledge, to empower themselves, and to cater the needs of fellow human beings, this course has modules varying from basic management methodology, to taking cae of the high-tech equipment.

This qualification is suitable for those who wish to pursue their profession as managers but in the healthcare field.


Healthcare is increasing becoming important and crucial in both developed and third world countries. It is a standard of measure to see whether a country has attained international standards.

The Diploma in Healthcare Management Provides strategic management skills for those planning to work in healthcare sectors such as hospitals and clinics. Throughout the program focuses on health issues with a management emphasis. The modules explore managing efficiency, quality and also deals with key areas of healthcare human resources. The qualification delivers the skill and knowledge that meet the needs of healthcare in both domestic and international level.


Your career may begin as health-care manager, you will be responsible for planning and coordinating health or medical sciences to keep it running smoothly. Health-care managers work in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and pharmaceutical companies at many varying levels of the organization.

Offered By:

Aseana CollegeWindfield College
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    A 9186